Wild Coconut spotted at Healthy Eats!

Healthy Eats welcomes cool entrepreneur couple Sam Tejano and Kelvin Maderas their wonderful (and affordable) bath and body products using coconut, from the tree of life.

What a wonderful mission they share:
- To encourage natural beauty and skin care
- To help our local farmers and market thrive by supporting their livelihood with fair trade prices
- To promote the coconut industry of the country

Sam shares “Find your love for coconuts with us. Feel a personal touch with every handmade and homemade coconut-based bath and body treats as we all change the world.  Coconuts are everywhere in Batangas, and it’s also one of the reasons why our great grandparents have learned to make their own extra virgin coconut oil the traditional way, and this method has been passed down to today’s generation.

With our love for coconuts, we have been inspired to share it’s unlimited benefits to the world.  But we are not just coconut lovers, we also love our planet, that is why we are already planning and working towards an environmental conscious packaging to reduce our use of plastic in any way possible.