Wallum’s art for a cause displayed at Healthy Eats

Colourful paintings by ADB retiree Peter Wallum now adorn Healthy Eats’ window dining area with colourful nature scenes of birdsl landscapes and portraits.  Each painting costs 500 to 1000 pesos only and a sizeable percentage of which goes to the charity of his wife, the Friends of EVA, the offshoot of the foundation Entrepreneur Volunteer Assistance Charity Foundation which for 25 years has assisted the indigenous peoples of Region 3 (Pampanga, Bataan and Zambales) with education, scholarships and livelihood loans.

Wallum shares in a three page spread in ADB News in 2016 “I have never stopped painting since I was five years old.  (After) 28 years with ADB, I retired in 2009 and decided to live mostly in Manila, but also Boracay and Morpeth UK.  And I took up painting as a full-time job.

I paint in frame wet pastels, aquarelle and acrylics.  I paint in all media and surfaces.  I have sold to boutique hotels in Manila and to private persons.  I have also had art exhibitions.

Ed: Pete is now a prolific artis.  Proceeds from sales go to his wife’s marvelous project to assist Aetas who were displaced by Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991.  Seee evacf.org for more information.  “EVACF aims to support the endangered Aeta people…  to conserve their indigenous culture while sustainably developing a new foundation for their communities and families through building schools, livelihood projects, training and loan programs, scholarships, and adult literacy initiatives.”  Achievements include building 42 schools for 4,000 children and supporting 85 to graduate from college.  The list is long, and EVACF has received many national and international awards for its work.  Contact Peter through Facebook (Wallum Art or Peter Wallum) or his email pwallum@gmail.com to see more of his work.