Vegetarian for a week Healthy Eats’ Gina’s European journal

My travel to Dornach, Switzerland was never planned.  I only had two weeks to prepare for the visa application and the entire trip, so this travel is a big surprise for me, first time to be in Europe, first time to be vegetarian for a week!  Why vegetarian for a week?  I had to accompany my niece to the International Waldorf Schools Conference held at the Goetheanum. Goetheanum is the world center for anthroposophy, from which the Waldorf education is based.

Part of the educational philosophy is embracing organic food – a vegetarian diet.  I loved the experience, it was truly nourishing and filling.  It was a lacto-vegetarian diet.  I thought it would be boring, but it was not at all.  First, all the ingredients are organic and fresh. The meals are a variety from chunky soups, pasta, baked dishes, lasagna, rice meals, desserts.  But the most important ingredient of all is the dedication and love of the student volunteers who prepare the food for all 500 participants.  I am now inspired to go for a full vegetarian diet after Dornach!

More vegetarian options in our cafe soon!