Protect your intimates with Wink organic pantyliners

Attention ladies!  Protect most intimate parts organically with Wink pantyliners.  Its organic bamboo with activated carbon makes it odor-free, stain-resistant and bacteria repellant.
Product features
  • Generous sizing: 8.8 inches by 6.5 inches
  • Snap-on button keeps pad in place
  • Slim fit makes it comfy to wear and quick to wash
  • Fold & snap button keeps it convenient and discreet for travel
Wink gives you coverage, protection and convenience of the most premium disposable pantyliner at a reasonable cost of P395 for three pieces.

Did you know that disposable pantyliners contain dioxinsfuran and a host of synthetic additives?  Why expose your most intimate part of you to these harmful chemicals?

Now you have a choice with Wink organic pantyliners.  Wink gives your coverage, protection and convenience of the most premium pantyliner,  It’s made from organic bamboo that’s soft, highly absorbent, leak-proof and naturally resistant to odours and bacteria-great for everyday wetness

Easy to wash and quick to dry, Wink is a cinch to launder as it’s made from light materials and is stain resistant.

Wash prior to use.  Washing two to three times to increase absorbency.  Snap the pad round the centre of your underwear with the gray bamboo facing up.

Experience a gentler, eco-friendly and economical period with Wink!