Pretty significant things … random thing of botanical beauty by Angelo Narciso Songco

While it’s easy to decorate a home or establishment with typical decorative pieces like art, vases, antiques and whatnot, there is something to be said for something living like a plant-real ones please!

I have discovered something new at the store recently.  Gina purchased some air plants which are types of decorative plants which do not need water nor soil to survive.  Well, you’ll need to mist it a bit every couple days and place in sunlight at least a week or place somewhere that takes in some sun-perfect for those with no outdoor garden nor green thumb!

Gina forwarded an interesting amusing read about why airplants are better than roses.  Being the business development guy that I am, I suggested to Gina to stick a price tag on it and sell!

I’d still rather receive an air plant. Here are seven reasons why:

1. Air plants live longer

Air plants are epiphytes, which means they grow without soil and absorb nutrients through their leaves unlike other plants that get nutrients through their roots.  All the nutrients ~that air plants need are captured from the air and water so they make awesome house plants. If taken care of properly, air plants will live on for years.

On the other hand, once roses are cut, they are detached from their nutrient source and are on their way out. We are talking an average life span of 1-3 weeks, if you’re lucky.

2. Air plants change colors, not only when they are dying

Air plants grow well indoors. Air plants start out green but their leaves start to change color as they bloom. Depending on the variety, majestic shades of purple, red, magenta, orange, and yellow emerge. You can’t grow roses in the home, at least not easily, and the only time I’ve seen them turn colors is as they die.

3. Air plants improve the quality of air in your space

Through the process of photosynthesis, air plants absorb the carbon dioxide in the air and turn it into oxygen. According to scientific research, indoor plants can remove chemical pollutants in the air and add oxygen back for a healthier home or office.

Not to mention the Huffington Post recently published an article about how indoor plants improve productivity. So unless you hang out a lot outside by rose bushes, you’re missing out on the benefits.

4. Air plants are exotic

Air plants come in crazy shapes and colors. Some have long spindly leaves, others have short, spiky leaves like palm trees. Many are covered with an almost peach fuzz-like texture.

They look even more exotic sitting in a container on a desk, dresser, or dining table because they don’t need soil. You have no idea how many times someone has passed by my desk and said, “So, how is it possible that it lives like that?!”

5. Air plants are design-forward, fit in tiny spaces, and can be placed in nearly anything

Since air plants don’t need soil to grow and range on average range in size from 2-6 inches, they can be placed in nearly anything. Trendy containers also known as terrariums are making their rounds among the modern design blogs and major retailers. To get an idea, check out airplant containers.

6. Air plants produce air plant babies

During an air plant’s lifecycle, it will begin to grow small air plant babies, also known as “pups”. These pups grow from a mature air plant’s base and can eventually be detached and put in another container. So while your air plants are reproducing, your indoor roses are slowly dying.

7. You can go on vacation for a week and your air plants will still be happy to see you when you get back.

Air plants are the perfect plant for anyone who has a history of killing other plants. They are low-maintenance and only require water about once a week.  Check out some more info about air plant care.

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