Passions at play at Healthy Eats

Had to redo this message whilst I relax in a longish Boracay holiday.  There was a glitch in the earlier one I dispatched (a copy of July was sent instead of the new one I did).  Our apologies! …

Three things I probably cannot live without are travelling, food and writing. I have been so fortunate to have been part of Healthy Eats organic cafe and store which has allowed me to intertwine these three passions into six years of sharing stories of travels, articles on wellness and nourishing food to family and friends and the public.

As followers of our website and social media and recipients of our online newsletter see, I’ve shared quite a number of pieces about my travels linking it to our our cafe store’s advocacy of healthy and wellness through nutrition. In the coming months, if things pan out, we hope to add yet another platform to spread this good news on a more traditional print medium.

Being Capampangan and a foodie at that, I cannot do without sweets and the occasional rich food in family gatherings and town fiestas. Healthy Eats has provides a balance between indulgent and healthy food. This is a good story to share which resonates with our customers who like most people struggle with eating and preparing healthy food in and outside of their homes.

Nourish, our online newsletter which you can subscribe to simply by inputting your email in, aims to inform people that healthy food and living need not be complicated, difficult and expensive.

Our 40% off on selected bestsellers from our menu for MediCard memebers as well as walk in diners continue to be successful drawing in more people to enjoy a healthy meal.

My partner Gina is coming up with gift basket ideas which we will share in the coming weeks. Instead of giving run of the mill presents which run the risk of being recycled, why not present your loved ones, family, friends, bosses and colleagues something that wiill benefit their health? Choose among themed contents nicely packaged in burlap bags made by the Bless The Children Foundation: for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans, athletes or those controlling their weight. Hopefully if her plans come to fruition, we will also be launching an online store as well.

See you at our cafe store soon!

Angelo Narciso Songco