Partner profile focus on Nanette Miloda, a lady with passion for painting

I consider myself fortunate to meet many people in the course of promoting a healthy lifestyle through delicious food at our cafe and the products in our store,  The majority of them maintain pretty much a straightforward business relationship though we reach out to them with creative marketing support, media opportunities and the annual solicitation for our Christmas staff gathering.  My relationship with one lady  by the name of Nanette Cruz Miloda, has grown well beyond a supplier-vendor renlationship but is now a friendship that has even crossed boundaries.

I cannot recall anymore how I met Ms Nanette Miloda, a charming lady who’s led a fabulous and fantastic life, like a modern day fairy tale.  Perhaps we met at a gathering of the Culinary Historians of the Philippines; maybe in Healthy Eats when she offered her savoury spiced olive oil, the recipe of which was passed on to her by her Swiss mother-in-law and tweaked to also appeal to the  Filipino palate.

Since becoming friends, we went to Divisoria together with my Mom and her friend Ces Flint where they did some Halloween decoration shopping.  Last May through Nanette’s Facebook introduction, I  met and interviewed her daughter Gabriela Miloda Beheshti in Dubai where she lives with her husband and almost one year old daughter Paloma,  The interview was done in Fortnum and Mason over tea and cakes where Paloma shared her perspective on health and wellness as an expat and media personality hosting PhysiqueTV shown regionally in the Middle East.  She was well into her last weeks of pregnancy but graciously met me and gladly accepted the malunggay tea I brought advising that it helps pregnant and nursing Moms produce more milk.

Sharing the story of an amazing woman of many passions-a caring mother, dutiful daughter and doting grandmother; an artist, supporter of many noteworthy causes; and most specially for all of us at Healthy Eats, a supportive friend,  This post doubles as a favour I gladly accepted to make her a short profile for an upcoming fundraising event she is excitedly participating in-an art exhibit she is participating in with other artist friends for the benefit of the Bikes of the Philippines,

Watch out for announcements for their group exhibit for a cause!

Nanette Cruz-Miloda a lady of a passion for painting

Nanette Cruz was born on the second of April 1952, the eldest among five children.  After completing her studies, the passion for travel led her to join Cathay Pacific Airways, basing herself in Hong Kong in 1977, only in her mid twenties, as a flight stewarded travelling the world over.

It was there that she met her Swiss husband Michel Miloda.  His career in Swiss trading companies took their 35 year marriage to many places.  She bore her fist daughter Gabriela in Seoul, Korea, in 1981.  They moved back to Switzerland a few years later where Nanette took care of her daughter and gave birth to their second daughter Sandra.

After 20 years in and out of Switzerland after another stint in Hong Kong, Michel was offered a job in Manila, prior to that they returned to Switzerland for their daughters’ university before returning to Manila  and remained since until his recent retirement.

While living in Manila, Nanette joined a group of creative Filipina-French ladies (mostly mums of our kid’s friends), who became dear friends until now, and who all love painting.

Now that her husband retired but remains so supportive, Nanette  became even more committed to painting with different genres and styles,