Delis – meat galore! (but moderate please!)

For the health conscious non-vegetarian and vegan, quite a number of big delis carry healthier cured meats using grass fed and organic meat, low sodium varieties, etc. Aside from the butcher in the wet market or the grocery where one can buy a selection of fresh meats, delis are a haven for carnivores who prefer […]

Delicious and hearty American breakfast

Though most countries have their own breakfast favorites: Filipinos love their cured meats beef tapa and pork or chicken tocino, dried or smoked fish served with sunny side up egg and fried rice; Chinese like congee; Japanese like steamed rice with a variety of side dishes such as fish, miso and vegetables; the American breakfast […]

Kefir + mango = probiotic yumminess

Let the kid’s try this great summer smoothie recipe and watch them slurp it down together with billions of beneficial bacteria good for digestion… Mango kefir smoothie 1/2 cup milk kefir – 250.00 per litre 1/2 of a mango* – 300.00 per kilo raw wild honey to taste – 300.00 per 600 ml, 600 per 1liter 1 tsp […]