Thanksgiving for vegetarians

Thanksgiving, whether observed among vegetarians or non-vegetarians, is an annual opportunity for friends and family to come together and celebrate the holiday.  What was once a feast of in the early days of the American colonies has become a season for sharing and giving thanks for one’s blessings.  Throughout the United States, dinner tables overflow […]

Healthy Thanksgiving casserole recipes

For those wanting to have a Thanksgiving theme this November but don’t have the time, budget and resources for a turkey, sharing a starter and main dish recipes for your festive table.  The main ingredients of these two recipes are usually identified with the occasion. As with recipes we promote on Healthy Eats, simply replace commercial ingredients […]

Casserole OK!

An easy dish to make for those who are serving large groups and and still have a lot of dishes to make is the casserole.  Sometimes referred to as “bake”, a casserole is a dish consisting of meat, vegetables, some binder like starch or flour, and liquid cooked slowly in an oven often uncovered, as […]