Max the health with flax and Misso wonder seed to oil (s2o) extractor

Seed oil contains large amounts of linoleic acid which lowers cholesterol.  Our bodies cannot produce linoleic acid.  Therefore, we must ingest it.  Continuous consumption of these oils can prevent lifestyle diseases and can also be effective in headaches and stomachaches. Oils from sesame seeds, flax seeds, chia, red pepper, cabbage seeds etc. contains fatty acids that […]

Power up and slim down with chlorella

Surrounded by the pristine (and crowded beaches of Boracay), I share an article about chlorella Health benefits of pure chlorella powder   Flushes out pollutants in the body, from heavy metals to molds Helps treat ulcers Balances the digestive system by promoting healthy gut flora Increases white blood cell count which is helpful in fighting […]

Miso healthy, miso yummy

Aside from matcha green tea, one thing Gina asked me to bring back from a recent trip to Tokyo was miso.  I’d only get a taste of miso whan I have a Japanese meal – in their starter soup, or miso mixed with sinigang (sour soup) back home. After a quick online search, I learn […]