Misso s2o seed to oil wonder machine now in the Philippines!

Do you know that small seeds such as white & black sesame, chia, flaxseed, chili, evening primrose, radish, cabbage, and more… are packed with omega benefits and essential vitamins and nutrients like vitamin A-Z, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, etc?And, did you also know that the best way to get these wonder nutrients out of these seeds is to extract their oil? These are facts and is according to several researches and studies conducted in several universities in USA.
Extract up to 50% of the oil from these seeds with the revolutionary MISSO s2o seed-to-oil wonder extractor.  Awarded as Korea Superb Brand this year and created by the same makers of Matstone so you are assured of its durability!

Want to learn more?  Visit www.misso.com.ph and learn, avail of it’s launching offer!  For information and reservations contact (63 2) 812 7323 or (63 917) 8039 055.

About Misso
Misso Wonder Machines is created by Oscar Electronics Co., LTD, the same creator of the Matstone multi-purpose slow juicer.  Thus, customers are assured of a highly durable and long-lasting.The word Misso means “smile” in Korean.  And was derived from two Chinese words ‘mei’ and ‘shao’ meaning ‘beauty’ and ‘young’ respectively.  Misso s2o seed-to-oil wonder extractor is a product which is a fruit of a vision aiming to see happier and healthier family using easy-to-use machines.
This revolutionary product has undergone a careful 18 years of research and development hence has garnered the prestigious Korea Superb Brand Award for 2017.  Moreover, MISSO is a household brand and is widely known in South Korea due to its heavy presence in the Home Shopping Network.