When is longganisa more than longganisa?

When it’s healthy and vegan and made with love! Introducing Pinoy garlic longganisa by Jertie’s Kitchen, one of our avid supporters and fellow health advocates – gluten-free, vegan, soy-free, yeast-free and corn-free Sharing from their website… At Jertie’s Kitchen, we care about you. And food. Yes, we love to eat. And just because we have omitted […]

Healing product focus: Lunas thermal toning oil and headache relief roll-on

Many essential oils have a remarkable ability to detoxify the body, support the immune system, and speed up healing.  Some of these essential oils are also powerful antiseptics.  The regenerative properties of “raw living” virgin coconut oil improve the condition, tone, and texture of the skin by nourishing from deep within.  The detoxifying properties of […]

Online store in the works!

As of the moment, there are little details to share but worth sharing still as it is quite exciting for all of us at Healthy Eats  including our partner merchants, both new  and those who have been supporting us since our humble beginning s almost six years ago. We are in the stages of partnering […]