Product focus: Solaris sea salt

  From the small coastal town of Bani, Pangasinan, comes this hand-harvested, white, coarse sea salt, where sunshine and gentle winds cause sea water to evaporate from brick-laden flat beds leaving behind sea salt that is naturally white, unwashed, unbleached, unrefined, no iodine added, no anti-caking agent. with all the essential trace minerals from the […]

Chips healthified!

Ever snacking Filipinos need not fret as there’s a lot of healthier versions of what most perceive as junk food. Healthy Eats organic cafe and store has a lot of different kinds of chips made from unexpected ingredients such as mushrooms, seaweed and more familiar taro, sweet potato, and more.  Some are baked rather than […]

Raw Yogini Sonia goodies

Though it’s been some time since raw food chef and yoga instructor Sonia Astudillo’s last class at Healthy Eats, she continues to be a presence at the store in the form of her raw goodies. Raw pili butter   It’s raw.  It’s vegan.  It’s gluten-free.  It’s organic.  What more to ask for?  Perfect for breads, crackers, […]