Immuno duo from Lunas

Avoid colds, cough, and flu this rainy season transitioning to the cold Ber months.  The monsoon month is the season for colds, cough, and flu.  Boost your immune system with our immuno duo. Immuno bath and massage oil P400  The skin is the largest organ of the body, and essential oils can penetrate the layers […]

Chia for the body inside and out, oil extracted with Misso

Discover with the Misso wonder seed to oil (s2o) extractor the benefits of chia seed not only as a super food but as a part of your beauty regimen! Beauty: Anti-aging • Anti-oxidant • Increases rate of cell formation and regeneration • Controls hair loss • Opens up clogged pores • Reduces acne scars • […]

All occasion gift ideas from Healthy Eats

As the weather starts to cool, many cannot help but already think about the coming holiday season and the gift giving that comes along with it.  I personally love giving presents and try to think of items that will not only be appreciated by the recipient but will also benefit his or her well being. […]