A newer and better Matstone coming soon!

Watch out for exciting changes as the Philippines top selling and favourite Matsone low speed multipurpose juicer undegoes an upgrade, Watch out for the grand reveal in the coming months!

Quotable quotes, tips and a berry recipe from Vitamix Philippines

The more colors in your diet, the better! We always go back to the basics.  Green smoothies are a staple here at Vitamix Philippines.  A great way to get those nutritious greens in! Feeling a bit down or low in energy?  Add some cacao nibs into your smoothies and you’ll feel an instant rush of […]

Immuno duo from Lunas

Avoid colds, cough, and flu this rainy season transitioning to the cold Ber months.  The monsoon month is the season for colds, cough, and flu.  Boost your immune system with our immuno duo. Immuno bath and massage oil P400  The skin is the largest organ of the body, and essential oils can penetrate the layers […]