Healthy Eats organic cafe and store

What’s in our menu? Organic vegetables & wild fruits These are produce free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers Free-range meat & dairy Meat, eggs, and dairy products come from farm animals that are free to roam in the farm, are not fed with hormones and artificial animal feeds. Superfoods Refers to foods that are low […]

A sneak peak that healthy things to come! Made a lot more affordable to boot!

While trends come and go, I believe that healthy wholesome food is here to stay.  Despite many challenges in terms of sourcing, procurement, production and whatnot, we will continue to fight for good food for everyone.  In a small way, we have participated in groups advocating for legislation to promote organic.  And we will continue […]

Organic meals powered up by one-on-one nutritionist-dietitian consultation

Further to our organic meal delivery recently launched, Healthy Eats is happy to announce a collaboration with Walter Fernandez Jr the resident nutritionist dietitian of MediCard Philippines. Selected MediCard plan holders can schedule a complimentary consult at Healthy Eats with his bubbly knowledgeable and personalised approach and suggest a meal plan for your individualised needs. […]