Truly energising beverages at Healthy Eats Makati

Our discerning clientele take care as well in selecting the drinks they consume with their healthy food.  We invite you to take your pick from different beverages from our minimart’s array of real juices, smoothies, tea, chocolate and even wine. Beautifully packaged tea bags from Tsaa Laya and Daily Apple  using various herbs that have […]

Snacking smart at Healthy Eats Makati

Going healthy doesn’t mean giving up on snacks,  Next to organic fresh fruit and vegetable sticks which admittedly isn’t a very popular snacking option, Filipinos love to munch on various nibbles in between their morning, noontime and evening meals. With this in mind, Healthy Eats Makati has carefully sourced out different kinds of snacks for […]

Healthy “Not-A-Diet” Meal Delivery From Healthy Eats Makati 

Rather than promote DIEts (with stress on the die as don’t we sometimes feel like we’re starving to the point of dying sometimes when we’re on a diet?), we’d rather promote a healthy eating LIFEstyle as this is more sustainable with long term health benefits.  Don’t worry too much about the calories, fat, etc.  We […]