Healthy Eats gets a chef!

To further ramp up our team and enhance the cafe’s potential, Gina Yambot as carefully selected and hired young and talented chef Nicasio “Nick” Reyes to join the team,

“Though we have operated sans a chef for the first four years, I decided it was time to have one on board to collaborate with and professionalise the development of our menu offerings as we move into our fifth year with catering clients and the increasing demand for meal delivery.”  Gina shares.

“His background, training and education complement my self study and experience and instinct in using organic and natural ingredients to come up with a simple menu highlpghting freshness and wholesomeness.”

Nick brings with him years of experience in preparing meal plans, drinks for gym clients and powered up beverages.  Prior to that he worked in a fitness center health bar which he applies in preparing food for those who have particular healthy goals such as muscle building and weight loss.

Welcome Chef Nick and we look forward to your healthyummy creations!