Happy healthy mothers day!

Celebrate health with Mom not only in May but the entire year!

Take your Mom to fancy restos for Mothers Day this May but regularly bring her to Healthy Eats to enjoy a delicious affordable meal.  And if she’s not into health food open her eyes and taste buds to wholesome food that pleases the palate but doesn’t empty your pockets.

Give her flowers and chocolate on Mothers Day and more regularly bring home healthy products she can snack on or prepare at home if she loves to cook.

Our menu has been enhanced with new dishes collaborated on by Gina, Chef Nick and our new team member Dalen who bakes healthy treats and makes jarred dressings, sauces and condiments to bring home,

MediCard members get a whopping 40% off from their healthy meals and get perks while shopping at our minimart.

See you there soon!