Giving thanks to all!

One month prior to our sixth anniversary in mid-November, we already give a big big heartfelt thanks to our partners MediCard Philippines, whose invaluable support from day one until the present has been instrumental in our mission of providing health and wellness through nutrition not only to their patients visiting the MediCard Lifestyle Center but also our loyal patrons who’ve been with us through thick and thin,

We have lost some partner merchants who have decided to go separate ways but we have kept a considerable number who have become not just mere suppliers but friends – sharing insights on the every changing industry we are in as well as outside opportunities to showcase our products to a wider audience.

On the other hand, our friends from the media are still supportive and we appreciate their support in sharing our press releases to their newspapers, blogs and websites.  This presence in the tri and e-media has helped us maintain a presence in a very competitive industry which has seen a lot of growth and changes over the past years.

Being one of the pioneers in the concept of a one-stop shop providing a cafe and minimart, food delivery, and learning events has given us a head start in the game.  However, we cannot rest on our laurels and have to continue innovating lest we be left behind in the game,

Thank you to everyone and we look forward to continuing our journey to health!

Angelo Narciso Songco and Gina Salting Yambot