From Europe with love… Gina

I came to Switzerland to accompany my niece to the International Youth Conference of the Waldorf Schools.  I got interested because of the organic vegetarian diet they will have for the entire five days of the conference.  It was more of a food thing for me, something I can apply to our store and cafe.  But then, the Goetheanum tour that we did opened me to another perspective on life-the human being and how it is connected to the world and the cosmic, and how this is depicted in the artworks that Rudolf Steiner made.

My shallow purpose of a vegetarian diet shrank.  A greater purpose arose – as what Angelo always quotes “Let food be your medicine.”  Now I can add that the journey to understanding your purpose is to understand yourself first, we have to be conscious of what we nourish it with – food and thoughts.  Now, there’s more to share in our store and cafe when I go back.

See you in May!

Gina Salting Yambot