Feeling good at an all time high!

Friends and family with access to my Facebook account say I’m always jet setting around different parts of the world.  While I’m in the Philippines I’d day 80% of the year, I have been so blessed these past couple of years to have traveled to so many beautiful places-my two favourite countries Nepal and Russia were so enlightening and inspiring that I shared these in Adventours Asia and the blog page of www.healthyeats.ph.

This year, I spent almost two months in North America travelling the US West Coast’s Washington DC, New York, Boston and Portland Maine then up to Toronto then all over Canada-Niagara Falls, Montreal, Quebec City before flying to Calgary and driving through the Canadian Rockies’ Canmore, Banff, Jasper ending up in Vancouver where me and my Mom joined and Alaskan cruise.  What made these trips all the more enjoyable was being welcomed by Filipino friends and relatives who we haven’t seen in a long time.

Back home, I recently posted on Facebook “Two dream jobs literally in the horizon.  So blessed.” intrigued friends who asked what it’s all about.  While it doesn’t provide any income, (that takes secondary priority) it is a dream come true as both will involve things I have been wanting to do since I started working 20 years ago.  Not wanting to count eggs before they hatch, I will share these as soon as they come to fruition as both will surely benefit our loyal customers and supporters.

One is literally on the horizon and about to take place this October-healthy fruits of which will find its way on the shelves of our store. The other will help us spread more good vibes to a wider audience.

Another thing elating us at Healthy Eats is that we’re seeing more and more people dining at the cafe.  Undoubtedly the 40% discount we extended to MediCard members has encouraged a lot to try out our healthyummy menu.

This July up until September, we are giving more to more people by extending the discount (on a lot of our best selling menu items) to everyone!  Add to that new exciting and delicious dishes my partner Gina and her team is coming up with to tickle the taste buds of our diners.  I used to order day after day my comfort food egg salad, free range chicken and turkey waldorf sandwiches before I got hooked on our different skizzas.  Now  my favourites include our burritos and rice meals which are fulling but doesn’t leave me sleepy.  I love our organic pork meatballs stuffed with melted white cheese, the tofu-spinach omelette that’s not in our menu but I have them make it for me anyway (we have tofu omelette and spinach omelette).  I even ask to make me fried red rice with iberico belota chorizo.  Heaven!

Lastly, we are excited to be in the works for launching a dedicated online store which will make our products more accessible to those who cannot visit us in person.

Join us as as we soar to an all time high!

Angelo Narciso Songco