Dried sausages – yummy but enjoy in moderation!

There are many different kinds of processed meat products that are churned by the ton–from commercially made burger patties and hotdogs, cured ham, bacon, cold cuts and a lot more.  The multitude of brands, varieties, and packaging is so great that a trip down the chilled or frozen section of the supermarket can leave one overwhelmed especially if the shopper does not have a particular preference or is simply following a recipe. In such cases, advertising, marketing and promotions play a part in the final selection while for others, budget is an important factor especially those who have
limited resource.

Mass production of these items, whether in big multinational companies with giant processing facilities or from small home-based companies from home makers being entrepreneurial, make meat products available from practically everyone from all walks
of life.

However, for the meat-loving gourmet consumer or chef that has no qualms about spending for food ingredients, there’s definitely something to be said for artisan-made dried meats products particularly sausages.

Chorizo Bilbao is an extremely versatile product that finds many applications from Spanish recipes passed down from generations to modern fusion dishes of young chefs.  Seasoned with sweet smoked paprika and fully dry-cured to achieve authentic Spanish flavor.  Very aromatic, a little of this firm sausage goes a long way. Slice or
chop it up to release the rich aroma as you cook it. Best served infused into a stew to give a smoky finish. Incorporate sliced chorizo into paella to complement the saffron and pair with red wine for a fine-dining experience.  Bilbao is also a great flavor enhancer to noodles–whether in a soup or dry dish.

Chorizo Macao on the other hand has a more Asian flavor profile due to the spices used in its make up.  Love Chinese food?  Why spend for yang chow fried rice in a restaurant when you can make it at home with a little chopped chorizo macao, scrambled egg, peas and spring onions.  Flavorful and aromatic, kids love its unmistakable oriental taste. Incorporate a little minced chorizo into any ground meat dish like fried spring rolls for a taste of China.

East meets West made easy by topping some rough chopped dried sausages on a pizza with tomato sauce and cheese. Or stuff into spring roll wrappers with minced vermicelli and serve with sweet spicy sauce.  Because chorizos are very strongly flavored, these are better cut up and incorporated into dishes rather than eaten whole which makes is quite economical as chorizos are definitely more expensive than most regular sausages.

Healthy Eats serves sausages that are kinder to the heart.  We have Jertie’s Kitchen vegan longganisa made with eggplants, herbs and spices lovingly prepared by sister tandem Jertie and Jaq Abergas.

In our cafe, we incorporate Iberico Belota chorizo from Spain which is from pigs fed with acorns which yields pork with a distinct flavour and aroma and low in bad cholesterol,