Corporate social responsibility update: helping the Aetas help themselves

Prior to my becoming an healthy entrepreneur, I have already tried in my own little way to help the less fortunate. The Entrepreneur Assistance Charity Foundation or EVACF (, its founder Jennifer Wallum, its officers and volunteers and donors throughout the years has always been there to provide opportunities for myself and our customers to […]

Healthy with a heart

The Entrepreneur Volunteer Assistance Charity Foundation of EVACF aims to support the endangered Aeta people, displaced by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, to conserve their indigenous culture while sustainably developing a new foundation for their communities and families through building schools, livelihood projects, training and loan programs, educational scholarships and adult literacy initiatives. I regret […]

Healthy Eats Makati cares

Operating a entrepreneurial venture is not an easy endeavour, particularly one promoting health and wellness.  Supporting organic and natural products and the enterprises behind them is an advocacy in itself as we promote various small and medium sized enterprises, mostly local who do not necessarily have the logistics and marketing capabilities of reaching their markets. […]