Pretty significant things … random thing of botanical beauty by Angelo Narciso Songco

While it’s easy to decorate a home or establishment with typical decorative pieces like art, vases, antiques and whatnot, there is something to be said for something living like a plant-real ones please! I have discovered something new at the store recently.  Gina purchased some air plants which are types of decorative plants which do […]

Russia, an adventure in more ways than one by Angelo Narciso Songco

I was so fortunate to have made quite a lot of travels these past two years and one of my most memorable trips ever was a two and a half week holiday in Russia with my Mom, and four relatives from Toronto and Pampanga.  For those interested, it’s certainly the best time to visit this […]

A bit delayed but here it is… From Russia with health! by Angelo Narciso Songco

As some friends and relatives were quick to judge from their limited knowledge, first impression or stereotype or personal experience, I was pleasantly surprised with the food me and my Mom and relatives enjoyed whilst on an 11 day Russian river cruise last September that brought us from one capital Moscow to another St Petersburg. For […]