The joy of baking

The process of baking involves the use of cooking food using dry heat in an oven for a prolonged period of time.  Food cooked using this method include cakes, cookies, pastries, pies, and breads.  Most dessert and snack items are cooked this way.  Baking sometimes can be an activity between parents and children in making […]

Healthy aromatic herbs in Thai cuisine

Was inspired by a recent weekend I spent in Bed & Breakfast Royal Thainess Thai Cuisine in Tagaytay opened by my friend Chef Harlequin Boloron to post this article about herbs.  She uses a lot of it in her restaurant (at present only open for advance reservations but doesn’t disappoint!).  Facebook is Bed & Breakfast Royal Thainess […]

Enjoying Filipino breakfast fare in North America! :-)

Whilst on my 55-day long North American trip (which I will write about in future posts) with my family, I was immersed in different American and Canadian cuisines which comprised a lot of steaks, seafood with sides of veggies,  On certain days towards the middle and especially toward the end of the trip, I found […]