Healthy aromatic herbs in Thai cuisine

Was inspired by a recent weekend I spent in Bed & Breakfast Royal Thainess Thai Cuisine in Tagaytay opened by my friend Chef Harlequin Boloron to post this article about herbs.  She uses a lot of it in her restaurant (at present only open for advance reservations but doesn’t disappoint!).  Facebook is Bed & Breakfast Royal Thainess […]

Enjoying Filipino breakfast fare in North America! :-)

Whilst on my 55-day long North American trip (which I will write about in future posts) with my family, I was immersed in different American and Canadian cuisines which comprised a lot of steaks, seafood with sides of veggies,  On certain days towards the middle and especially toward the end of the trip, I found […]

Pretty significant things … random thing of botanical beauty by Angelo Narciso Songco

While it’s easy to decorate a home or establishment with typical decorative pieces like art, vases, antiques and whatnot, there is something to be said for something living like a plant-real ones please! I have discovered something new at the store recently.  Gina purchased some air plants which are types of decorative plants which do […]