All occasion gift ideas from Healthy Eats

As the weather starts to cool, many cannot help but already think about the coming holiday season and the gift giving that comes along with it.  I personally love giving presents and try to think of items that will not only be appreciated by the recipient but will also benefit his or her well being.

Healthy Eats organic cafe and store has been providing our customers with thoughtful, affordable and relevant gift ideas since we started in 2011.  For as little as a couple hundred pesos, let us suggest gift options for your loved ones who might have certain health concerns or lifestyles (trying to lose weight, diabetic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-sensitive, athletes) or are simply more conscious about their choices in their food and personal care.

From wicker baskets, we have switched to nicer burlap bags made by the Bless The Children Foundation in Tayuman.  The contents remain similarly themed: snacks, cooking and baking ingredients, super food and supplements, home made sauces, dips, dressings,  coffee and teas, beverages and other home made goodies using organic and natural ingredients.  We also offer non-food items such as bath and body products and small kitchen equipment.

Call Gina Yambot on 63 917 865 1212 for more information.  Order early and get a packaging and content upgrade!