Affordability: the key to sustainable health

After almost six years in existence, previously as Sugarleaf Makati and now as Healthy Eats organic cafe and store, my partner Gina Yambot and I have encountered many challenges to encourage people to consider living an organic and natural lifestyle.  We continue to overcome these and learn in the process with the support of MediCard Philippines and our partner merchants who’ve stuck with us since our humble beginnings.

I guess what resonates positively with our loyal customers and new patrons is that we are not too preachy and scare the public that not doing this and that would lead one to get sick (though we know the correlation of a healthy diet and lifestyle with certain diseases cannot be ignored).

As we approach our  six anniversary in November, we have made inroads in improving our cafe crowd by introducing more affordable meals whose prices are quite competitive with mainstream restaurants.  Some are even surprised that our all day dining prices as well as organic meal delivery are more affordable that fast food chains and diet delivery.  We have also given MediCard members an amazing 40% discount to encourage them to have a nice meal or snack before or after a check up.  The discount has since been extended to everyone for selected menu bestsellers.  This by far has been our most successful promotion and is evidenced by full tables during breakfast and lunch.  We hope that even when this promotion ends, people still patronise us.  After all, even without the discount, our menu is still very affordable.

Chefs Nick Deramas and Dalen Guevarra have likewise collaborated with Gina to introduce a couple delicious dishes at only 150 pesos.  These include free range beef stroganoff, tuna sisig, organic port picadillo and smoked bangus patties-all served with an organic side salad, home made vinaigrette and highland red rice.

Though we have laid low on organising workshops and seminars, and at present content ourselves with helping others promote their events, our newsletter Nourish, Facebook page Healthy Eats organic cafe and store and Instagram @HealthyEatsPH are our constant means of sharing helpful tips, recipes and articles all about health and wellness from our team and our partner merchants and friends.

Join us on our ever continuing journey towards sustainable health and wellness through nutrition!


Angelo N. Songco