New seasoned chef cook joins Healthy Eats

As I leave tonight for quite a lengthy trip to the US and Canada, I leave the cafe in good hands with Chef Nick Deramas and our new “Chef” Edalyn ‘Dalen’ Gravides who will further enhance our home-made dressings, pasta, condiments and desserts. Edalyn has been cooking for the past 25 years having learned healthy […]

Healthy Eats gets a chef!

To further ramp up our team and enhance the cafe’s potential, Gina Yambot as carefully selected and hired young and talented chef Nicasio “Nick” Reyes to join the team, “Though we have operated sans a chef for the first four years, I decided it was time to have one on board to collaborate with and professionalise […]

Partner profile focus on Nanette Miloda, a lady with passion for painting

I consider myself fortunate to meet many people in the course of promoting a healthy lifestyle through delicious food at our cafe and the products in our store,  The majority of them maintain pretty much a straightforward business relationship though we reach out to them with creative marketing support, media opportunities and the annual solicitation for our Christmas […]