A most beautiful wonderful day helping others

A big thanks to influential political bloggers Thinking Pinoy and Sass Sassot with a heart who took time to visit the store and enjoy a nice simple healthy breakfast and became a conduit to help others.

We then proceeded to Duterte’s Kitchen where they donated a lot of materials that’ll feed a lot of people in need of a good meal.

Thanks to our partner merchants Rose Clutario for contributing malunggay flakes, Zonito Tamase for her M2 malunggay tea concentrate and Jessica Guttierez for virgin coconut oil. Zonito and Jessica even stayed on and explained to DK’s dedicated staff how best to use their products to boost the nutritional value of the food the kitchen prepares.

Check out Duterte’s Kitchen on Facebook on how to donate-only in kind or volunteer work as cash is not accepted all contributions are documented. They have a lot of contributions but are always in need of “pansahog” such as chicken and pork and vegetables. There was a lot of rice and noodles when I visited and some were distributed also as relief goods where needed. Best to park in Farmers Market as there’s no parking (DK is very near the Cubao MRT station along EDSA beside a bus terminal). You can have someone assist bring in donations if they’re heavy.

DKis located at 600 EDSA, Langley Building, between MRT Cubao Station and the old SSS Cubao Bldg. Open at Mon-Sat 7am-7pm. Landline: 02-560 8856, mobile: 0915-551-1099, Email: duterteskitchen@gmail.com.  Facebook Duterte’s Kitchen