A delicious way to end a medical check up

For some people, an annual medical check up or ECU can be a  big deal especially if one doesn’t really have a healthy lifestyle.  It usually entails fasting for many hours for blood chemistry, then depending on the age of the person or his/her health care package also entails Xrays, ultrasound, cardio and treadmill tests etc.

At the MediCard Lifestyle Center, we take care of the fast with a selection of delicious dishes for those undergoing an ECU.

Patients are offered a healthy yummy option served with iced or hot caffeine-free tea

Organic rice meals served with mini salad

Bangus relleno

Chicken siomai

Tofu steak

Sandwiches served with taro chips

Egg salad

Spanish sardines

Pancakes served with free-range butter, raw wild honey, iced tea or caffein-free tea

Regular pancake (unbleached flour)

Gluten-free flour

Vegan with stewed fruit in season