Feeling good at an all time high!

Friends and family with access to my Facebook account say I’m always jet setting around different parts of the world.  While I’m in the Philippines I’d day 80% of the year, I have been so blessed these past couple of years to have traveled to so many beautiful places-my two favourite countries Nepal and Russia […]

Happy Healthy June, Independence Day and Fathers Day!

After our respective trips the past months, Gina and I sit down at the store and buckle down to work continuing our mission of providing healthyummy affordable delights for our discerning clients. I have brought home some organic and natural super food from Canada-maca powder, goji berries and quinoa as well as some interesting products […]

Healthy Eats organic cafe and store IS NOT Healthy Eats Manila

Healthy Eats organic cafe and store is a stand alone establishment in MediCard Lifestyle Center in Makati. We are not connected with Healthy Eats Manila meal delivery service (though we do delivery as well). We’ve taken actions on this to address potential confusion.  We have written to the said company but haven’t received any feedback. […]