Vegetarian for a week Healthy Eats’ Gina’s European journal

My travel to Dornach, Switzerland was never planned.  I only had two weeks to prepare for the visa application and the entire trip, so this travel is a big surprise for me, first time to be in Europe, first time to be vegetarian for a week!  Why vegetarian for a week?  I had to accompany […]

Happy healthy mothers day!

Celebrate health with Mom not only in May but the entire year! Take your Mom to fancy restos for Mothers Day this May but regularly bring her to Healthy Eats to enjoy a delicious affordable meal.  And if she’s not into health food open her eyes and taste buds to wholesome food that pleases the […]

From Europe with love… Gina

I came to Switzerland to accompany my niece to the International Youth Conference of the Waldorf Schools.  I got interested because of the organic vegetarian diet they will have for the entire five days of the conference.  It was more of a food thing for me, something I can apply to our store and cafe. […]