Post Easter European message from Gina

I heard my Easter Mass, with my niece, Nina, at the Il Duomo in Florence.  The mass was in Italian, but there is oneness in spirit. The very old priest greeted every group of foreigners, asking what country each came from, we had a chance to do the mano after the mass.  This Easter season, […]

In the US to see Washington, DC and more!

I write this post from the NAIA airport lounge as I begin a seven week journey with my entire family to the US and Canada with family.  Will finish this up and dispatch from Washington DC, our first stop then New York City, Massachusetts,and Maine  before flying to Canada. My first and only trip to […]

Some exciting announcements from your Healthy Eats

Healthy can be yummy AND affordable!  Even more so for MediCard members and employees who enjoy a whopping 40% off on our menu-which we have even adjusted to make most dishes even more reasonably priced. Thanks to prominent political bloggers RJ Nieto, also known as Thinking Pinoy and The Hague based Sass Rogando Sassot who […]