Happy healthy Christmas holiday greetings!

In this joyous season of giving, let us remember to give from our hearts, when we come from love the joy we will feel is priceless and the receiver will value the gift we give. We have truly been blessed this year with peace and prosperity in so many different levels.   Slowly but surely […]

Why don’t you give healthy on Christmas day? And throughout the year!

Check out our divinely healthy holiday and all occasion gift ideas for your special someone… • Snack pack – Radical Organics coconut chips, Vegetari mushroom snack, Healthy Eats taro chips and 2 x banana chips 500.00 • Native Gourmet set – native laing (taro leaves cooked in cocomilk), sulang Iloko (artisan coconut vinegar), bagoong (sauteed […]

A message from Gina on Healthy Eats’ fifth anniversary

High on 5! It is by Divine Grace that we have reached our fifth year.  It was not easy, what mattered is that we took the same road hand in hand, looked after each other, took the risks together and believed in our purpose.  In this light, Angelo and I give our sincerest gratitude to […]