Mom and friends-certified: healthy and yummy!

Took my Mom and her church friends to breakfast one fine Saturday morning and they were all delighted by the simple fare we served…  Somehow, seniors were thinking that we’d be serving bland, boring tasteless food but they were in for a pleasant surprise! Homemade bread with grass fed butter and dragon fruit jam Grass […]

Affordability: the key to sustainable health

After almost six years in existence, previously as Sugarleaf Makati and now as Healthy Eats organic cafe and store, my partner Gina Yambot and I have encountered many challenges to encourage people to consider living an organic and natural lifestyle.  We continue to overcome these and learn in the process with the support of MediCard […]

Passions at play at Healthy Eats

Had to redo this message whilst I relax in a longish Boracay holiday.  There was a glitch in the earlier one I dispatched (a copy of July was sent instead of the new one I did).  Our apologies! … Three things I probably cannot live without are travelling, food and writing. I have been so […]